First you will log into the mydata portal 

From the dashboard follow the steps below:

Multiple System:

1)Scroll down to Backup Summary

2)Click Manage next to the system you wish to share data from. (Note: System must have status Connected)

3)Follow steps for Single System below moving forward. 

Single System:

Scroll down to the My File section.

2)Next to the file/folder you wish to share click  icon

In My Downloads/My Shares are you can configure the following:

Password Protect

If you select this option this will require the user you share the data with to provide a password to restore the data.

Insert Email Address and Message

If you select this option you can have an email sent directly to the person you are sharing with as well with a personal message.

3)Once you have configured the share click Share to complete. (Note: the share link will be generated at this time.)

If you no longer wish to share the data you can click My Shares and click  to remove the share.