First you will log into the mydata portal 

From the dashboard follow the steps below:

Multiple System:

1)Scroll down to Backup Summary

2)Click Manage next to the system you wish to delete file(s)/folder(s). (Note: System must have status Connected)

3)Follow steps for Single System below moving forward. 

Single System:

1)Scroll down to the My File section.

2)Navigate to the folder(s)/file(s)you wish to remove from the cloud. 

3)Click the  to the right of the folder(s)/file(s) to remove from the cloud (Note: Only folder(s)/file(s) in the cloud will have a thenext to it)

4)Review the selected Data and click Delete. (Note: Click the next to the folders/files you do not want to remove from the cloud before clicking delete). 

4)In the pop up click Yes to confirm the deletion of the folder(s)/file(s) in the cloud.