Cleanup mode will allow you to easily delete orphaned files. 

Cleanup is automatically ran once a week.

First you will log into the mydata portal 

From the dashboard follow the steps below:

Multiple System:

1)Scroll down to Backup Summary

2)Click Manage next to the system you wish to add/remove file/folders. (Note: System must have status Connected)

3)Follow steps for Single System below moving forward. 

Single System:

1)Scroll down to the My File section.

2)Click Cleanup Mode

3)Expand the drives to see which have orphaned folder(s)/file(s)

4)Click  next to each orphaned folder(s)/file(s) you want to cleanup from the cloud.

5)In the My Downloads/My Shares window a Cleanup Orphaned Files window will appear with the folder(s)/File(s) you have selected.

6)Click continue once all the orphaned data you want to remove is selected.

7)Click Delete to remove the orphaned files from the cloud.(Note:  this will put the informationed to removed into a queue to be removed please allow sometime for the removal of the orphan data to happen)