Live Link allows you to access any files on your system running the backup client even if they are not backed up.

First you will log into the mydata portal 

Make sure you have Live Link enable in Device Settings (See: Device Settings FAQ) 

Note: The system must be Connected to the cloud. 

From the dashboard follow the steps below:

Multiple System:

1)Scroll down to Backup Summary

2)Click Manage next to the system you wish to use Live Link. (Note: System must have status Connected)

3)Follow steps from Single System below moving forward. 

Single System:

1)Scroll down to the My File section.

2)You will navigate to the folder/file you want to backup

3)Select  next to the file you want to download from your system that is not in the cloud

4)Once selected it will pull the file to the cloud where you will see it in the My Download section of the dashboard.

Note: It will become available once the status changes from Preparing to Available. 

6)Click the download icon next to the file to download to your system.