Continuous Client for Windows

On the inactive system first you will check the following:

1. Open Task Manager (Right Click on task bar and select Start Task Manager).

2. Confirm Backup.exe and Startup.exe are both running

If Startup.exe and backup.exe are not running double click the Data Deposit Box icon your desktop to relaunch of the backup software and ensure you see these two process are running in task manager. If it does not launch please contact

If startup.exe and backup.exe are running follow steps below.

1)Log into the mydata portal. 

2)Confirm the last login date shows as the current date.

3)Check last backup date and see if it has backed up new data with-in the days until inactive period(Default is 5 days until inactive). 

If there has been no new data you can check the folders you have selected for backup locally and confirm that the last modified date on these folders to see if there should have been new data backed up or not or if there just has been no new data. 

If you do have additional concern or still not sure if they backups are running as intended please contact support for additional assistance.