1)Log into the mydata portal 

2)Go to Download in the left side Navigation Pane.

3)Click Download Now under the Windows Client. 

4)Once the Download Completes run the Setup.exe file you download.

5)Follow the steps in the installer and complete the install.

6)Once the Install is completed you will be prompted to enter your accounts username and password.

Note: if you want to run as a service Click the Advanced Button and in the window the pops up check Run as a service and click OK.

7)Once you have entered your username and password click finish.

8)Once finished and the system has authenticated you will be logged into the mydata portal where can now configure your backups.

Note: If you check off to run as you will be prompted for your systems Username and Password after it authenticates the data deposit box username and password. Please ensure the user you use have privilege to run as a service.